Monday, July 11


I know that I said I would catch you all up on our summer thus far but I just received the heart breaking news that my beloved grandmother, has bone cancer and only a little while to live. I am beyond sad, more like sinking in the abyss of darkness at this news...she is more like a mother to me...I am going to be spending these day with her in my thoughts or by my side.


Miss Z said...

Amos, I'm so sorry to hear. I wondered why I hadn't heard back from you all week. Hope you are keeping your head up knowing your grandmother lived a full life, was well loved and will live on in your fond memories. I too lost a grandmother who was dear to me, and to everyone in my family. When I speak of her, which i do often, i feel like she is right there with me, smiling. :)

elisa said...

How terribly awful. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this tough time.