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Here are some of my Customer Reviews:

"" I won a matching game in a giveaway and it arrived quickly! Very good quality and super adorable! The kiddos are gonna love it! Thank you

"" We got the Peek-A-Boo Pots for my daughter, they got here so quick. She loves the little pots, stacks them, and tries to catch the acorns in the tops of the pots. We even use the pots as mini tops, she loves watching them spin. I will definitely be back for more :)

I bought 3 sets for my daughter! She is 2.5 and she loves each and every one of them! We have the Teaching Turtles- Colors and Counting 20 piece Set , SCOOP & SORT Colors Wood Set, and also the Teaching Butterflies- 20 Piece Wood Counting and Colors Set. Each set comes in an adorable fabric bag with a pull string close top! My daughter takes her little bags with her everywhere she goes (to the store, to bed, outside, to different rooms in the house.. ). She has to know exactly where they are every minute of each day! When she goes to bed at night, she places the bags in a line at the head of her bed by her pillow. I lay at the bottom of her bed most nights till she falls asleep, then once she is asleep, I move the bags to the top of her dresser so once she gets up in the morning, she sees them right away! I am looking forward to ordering 2 more items in the next month for her as well. I have been waiting for the Baker's Dozen- to come back out, and thats going to be my next purchase! I cant Thank you enough for being a HUGE part of my daughters learning process and also offering safe and fun toys to play with along the way! Will be back to order again soon Amos! I love your work!

I purchased the numbers match game for my son's Easter basket. It was a huge hit! Both my son and daughter LOVE it, we even took it on our vacation last month. Thanks!!! I WILL be back for more!

My niece an nephew loved the tutu's, aprons and crayon rolls we purchased. Also, I don't know what I would do without my waterproof mat. Thanks for creating such, fun, friendly, useful and lovely products. Keep up the good work and we look forward to purchasing more items in the future.

We absolutely love our three diaper duty's! Apple n Amos matched them to each of our diaper bags and one for at home around the house!

I am so happy with my order from Apple n Amos, I received it quickly and the products were just amazing. Great quality and made in America..can't beat it.
Thank you!