Thursday, July 28

My old friend

Oh my has been such a long time my dear friend. For some reason I could not find the time nor the space to write. Sadness has a hold on me and the only way I can let go of it is to keep very very busy, which in itself drives me nuts because I have no time to spend on myself and if I did I would just cry. A vicious cycle indeed.

Enough of that...

With Summer in full bloom, I have found many a days in the pool or the a.c but this week Mr. Henry has had summer camp at a nature center in town. He just adores it and I am so glad. I was a tad nervous dropping him off on Monday morning. He has not been to preschool and I have never left him alone in a setting like this, but man...he is a rock star! All the teachers say he is great in class { just what a mama wants to hear} He has been learning about farm animals and farm life in general. Every day he comes home and asks when are we going to have a farm. Hmmm if only I knew.

In other news, can anyone tell me what this is?

Of course leave it to Henry to find a 3 inch long black beetle. Papa thinks it is some sort of tree beetle. But I think it is a ground beetle...whatever name he goes by Henry loved him as you can see...creepy! He was wearing it around his neck and you could hear the beetle's legs scraping against the container. Yuck! Ahh the joys of boys!

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