Thursday, June 30

What we have been up too..

Things have been CRAZY here as of late. With vacations and parties, my shop and of course a 3 1/2 year old boy...there is never a dull moment for me to breathe, sit and type on the blog. I suck I know. I wonder how my favorite blog mamas make the time to write such sweet posts and they do it everyday. Hmmmm...I swear having one child is so much more work than having 2 or 3, especially when you are stuck in the house for a week because of the rain. I can not tell you how many times I have played Candy Land. Our van broke and we have no extra money to fix it right now, so here I sit home bound pulling on every string of creativity I can muster to keep Henry busy as a bee.

  We have been bug hunting. Hikes around the yard finding worms,millepedes, centipedes and other creepy slimy things and managed to find a Baltimore Checkerspot Caterpillar. He is in his pupa now and we are patiently waiting for his arrival. His pups is pale blue with orange and black markings. The caterpillar actually makes his pupa on the underside of leaves by making a wed and dangling from it. He started to do that but decided upon the edge of the ball jar. You can read about him here

  We did have a Black swallowtail caterpillar for a week but he had a unfortunate accident and drowned in the tiny jar of water that was holding his fresh carrot tops... I cried. He was awesome and while we had him, stink shooters and all... we found out that out of 100 eggs laid only one caterpillar makes it to butterfly stage. Papa told me he had a better chance with us than in the garden where we found him...somehow I don't feel that way at all. You can read more about them here
Another good website for keeping caterpillars is here


Now we are off to go camping for the holiday. When I get back my plan is you catch you all up on everything in great detail. I pinky swear!

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