Thursday, April 14



I am so proud of my little man. A few years ago I found this alphabet place mat that lists the 1 2 3 steps of writing letters. Well last week I decide to set up a small table for Henry, I called it his desk and went to putting this place mat down. Now, we have been practicing making his letter H and E, but nothing major and definitely not often, so you can imagine my surprise when Henry decided to give all the letters a whirl. Not bad!

I would recommend something like this to any parent. It is easy and wipeable. I pull it out, we work on it and then I put it away, so as not to overload him. I think it best to try the letters in their name first or maybe try the easier letters like O and Q. Either way it is a no pressure sorta thing. He can decide to color on it or write on it, perfect toy to keep the boy out of my hair and out of my kitchen for a few moments.

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