Thursday, April 14

Swing of things...

         Here I finally am, in bed with my laptop, that is finally fixed and with all 15,000 pictures saved! Henry is not sick anymore and my craft fair is over. Phew, it was a tough month or so and I am happy that things are starting to calm down  ..Now, to catch you up a bit.
   March brought us into the Maple Season and it was our first time tapping and collecting, cooking and selling. It was so much fun and I think it will now be a family tradition. Did you know that maple syrup is actually good for you? They have just found out that maple syrup has 54 beneficial compounds in it read about it here. Not to mention that we just love it over ice cream topped with crushed pretzels.

    We loved every part of the Maple Season and can't wait to do it again especially Henry...his favorite thing to do..."walk in the squishy mud".

   As for my craft fair, it was a success. I met lots of awesome people and it was just wonderful to be surrounded by other talented and creative artists. I made some wonderful connections and I just adore the idea of being able to work within my community, help local business out and turn they do the same for me. One such business is Christina Houser Photography. Friendly, exciting and very passionate about her work, she was so excited about working with me...she got my beautiful wooden egg set and a eco-friendly party banner for her photography props. I was informed that the shoots went well and she is going to share a few images with exciting! Once I get them I promise to post.
Here are some links to a few other amazing mama's I met. Please check them out.
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