Friday, April 1

New friend

  I can not tell you how many times I have counted my blessings about my beloved sewing machine. To think, my mother gave me it to me as a gift and I let it sit, in the box, alone and dark in the back of the closet for four years before opening it. I could kick myself for not opening it sooner, as sewing is now my new love.
  It gives me great pleasure when Henry comes over to ask " if I can fix a rip in his shirt "or Papa needs a pair of jeans hemmed up. Our bed sheets keep tearing on the corners, if it was not for my sewing machine, I would have purchased two new sheet sets. Sewing brings new life into our old cloths too, my jeans become shorts for me and the cut off legs become new jeans for Henry. I love how this saves us money to spend on more important things like books.
  Henry has gotten to know that if something needs mending it can easily be sewn back to new on the machine. This thinking has now taken on a new form. Henry has put together that I can now make him everything he wants including this darling creation. Welcome the newest member of the clan.

I am just thankful that he didn't ask for a wildebeest. He was to funny when it came to stuffing time, Henry got his coat and boots on and said" OK Mama, let's go outside and get milkweed to stuff my baby". I think he has been watching a little to much Little Bear.

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