Thursday, March 31


  Being a stay @ home mama, I get really BORED making meals. Breakfast is in my opinion, the hardest meal to cook. Maybe because I am not a big cereal fan, I never find myself giving cereal to Henry. I know it would be a lot easier if I just caved in but I just can't. Usually our breakfast consists of egg whites scrambled with spinach and cheese, sometimes I throw ham or broccoli for a change. Bagels with homemade cheese makes it into the rotation too. Pancakes is a Sunday tradition that Henry and Papa have so I darn not mess with that. Assorted fruit gets on the menu too or the good ol' stand by... oatmeal. I find you can dress up oatmeal many ways and it is always easy,quick and good for ya. Every now and again breakfast will be a tuna or ham wrap but other than that I am out of ideas. With a boring menu as mine, it was no surprise that Henry decided he has had enough. I had to think fast before the three year old melt down ensued...I bring you my winning move...Frushi

  Sliced banana with chocolate peanut butter and carrot shavings...looks good and oh so yummy. I think I may be onto something here. Apples and peanut butter with raisins..hmmm or how about banana, cream cheese, walnuts and maple syrup. Breakfast has just got a little more fun !

Any breakfast ideas you have please I am open to everything!

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