Friday, April 15

Spring into something

Spring is finally appearing everywhere, I for one, am a happy gal. Sunshine, birds, plants starting to bud, garden preparations underway, they all make me smile. Today, with warm weather and sunshine here to stay, we decided to go on a little hike to see what other signs of spring could be found.

  Ya know what we found...Peepers, in full swing literally! Check out those egg sacks. This little love feast has had quite a impact on Henry. If he even hears the faintest "peep" he demands "Mama back it up". How he hears it from the back seat is amazing since I have to raise my voice most of the time at home. Thank goodness our wonderful Library can supply Henry with books on all those curious questions like "Mama, why is the boy frog jumping onto of the mama frog...he is gonna hurt those eggs"

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