Saturday, April 16

He is a Zebra

   My little man is only 3 and he does not go to preschool so when our town went ahead and offered tot soccer camp this spring for a mere $45.00 ...I was excited. Not only would this be good for our wallet, but Henry would get a chance to hang out with a bunch of other kids from town, some I have never seen (where have they all been hiding?) My Henry boy got his own ball, jersey and shin guards and a back pack, not bad at all.

Today was his first practice on team Zebra. He was a little shy at first but man, once he warmed up, he was on fire. A grin from ear to ear covered his face,his infamous tongue hanging out, he ran all over the place. Cute indeed!

 And as if that wasn't enough, immediately after his practice, we went running across the park where our town was having a Easter egg hunt. When asked what part of soccer did he like best...his answer naturally.... 
the chocolate.
I have no idea how I am going to answer that one next week.

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