Monday, April 25

Books, seeds and eggs

  I know that Easter means many different things to many sorts of people. I grew up in a catholic home and now a mama myself, I choose to take this holiday as a way of renewal and birth for me and the Earth. She is awaking, as much as am I, from the cold, the darkness and everything winter.
    In our home, we choose not to up play the Easter bunny very much and make it more about Spring, Earth and planting...yes, the Easter bunny came to our home. Henry was a little confused about all this Easter hoopla and asked us earlier in the week if the bunny and Santa were friends. I took this open opportunity to try and remind Henry about good behavior. Of course, I told him that the Easter bunny was a friend of Santa's, and now that Winter is over and Spring is here..the bunny has awoken with a job to do...remind everyone that they need to help make the Earth green again with the life of new plants.

 Henry was so excited about his new Little House on the Prairie paper doll set. I couldn't be more delighted. I totally got this from set from freecycle! 

  So, it was only natural, that the bunny left seeds and books for Henry, along with the promise that if Henry did a good job planting as well as good listening to Mama, he would report back to Santa with the good news. My fingers are crossed in hope because so far three has been really tough.

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