Thursday, April 28

Spring Things

I wanted to share some of the things I am loving right now in this fine season of Spring...sun, seeds, soil and muddy boots...
Spring has been so wacky here as of late...2 days of over 70 degree weather, Bath time out side to cool off
                                               Seedlings getting some over due sunshine
                                                        Finding treasures on his own
                                                       Henry and his worms....a true love story

                                                                 Grubby indeed!
                             Flower on a little seedling...soon she will produce 3 seasons of squash for us.
                                                 Windy day, perfect for flying away
    Spring is awake with all of her secrets and we are ready to find them all. Tomorrow always starts out fresh with no mistakes. Wind, sun, rain, seeds, new life, birds and animals, family and friends..Here's to you all!
What are you loving right now?

1 comment:

Marla Martin said...

These are terrific photos - makes me feel a little guilty that I'm ignoring my garden so far! I especially love the one of the seed in Henry's hand...hmmm...a children's book could be in order!