Sunday, March 13

Can't sleep

It is now 1 :30 am and I can not sleep. I miss my babe, he is sleeping over Poppy and Grammy's house. A adventure that he talked about all week long. This time around the sleepover is very special because his beloved cousin V was going to be there. As for me, all week long I counted they days till ship off. Piece and quiet and much needed crafting time was to come from his departure. Papa and I dropped him off, hung out a bit and then with a big sloppy wet kiss, I bid goodnight. The car ride home, Papa and I talked about all the things that we were going to do with a empty house all to, dinner, movie, crafting, cleaning...well ya know what? Papa went to sleep after a late supper, I watched a movie in bed on our 7 inch d.v.d player with ear buds in because of Papa's horrible snoring and I am wide awake wondering how my little poops is doing.
I LOVE SLEEPING WITH HIM...nestled in my arms, breathing in his sweet smell, enduring the kicks and the throwing off of covers. Granted, I don't like waking up with him, but man, I can't sleep without him. Between you and me, I hope he sleeps in bed with us for a least a few more years.

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