Saturday, March 12

Busy Crafting

   With the death of my beloved laptop, I find my time for computer work is near impossible during the day because Mr. Henry is all over me trying to get more attention. I find that so funny because its him and I all day long. I am counting the days that the snow will be melted so I can get my attention monster outside. This has been a long long long winter. I miss my laptop and have no idea when we can afford a new one.
    Enough of that ...up next, crafting news...Things are definitely coming along, I am now in a local shop, that happens to be the heart of my ol' town, fingers crossed this ill increase my name and open a few more doors. A good friend of mine also asked for a few sewn items from me to go into a gift basket for her local Le Leche League . Turns out good deeds do get rewarded. My snack mat caught the eye of an important lady who then asked me if I would like to be a vendor at the LLL conference!
Now, I am busier than I have ever been and housework is totally on the bottom of my to do list. Dust bunnies blow by me, the laundry pile in now the size of Mt Everest and the vacuum cleaner is missing somewhere under my sewing stuff. What's a gal to do? Answer: I shall craft, I keep telling Papa its the only why to get access to the cleaning supplies.
   Now for the really big news...I have been asked to be a feature on a very popular blog.Too Blessed to be Stressed. Very exciting indeed ! It is a wonderful blog and totally right up my alley with sections on homeschooling and nutrition and recipe sharing!! Please check out and support another SAHM.

Mamas helping Mamas that's what it is all about.

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