Thursday, February 24

Thrifty to save you some money!

With winter almost over, I am starting to think about spring and planting and sunshine. I am bored of being in the house and longing for a change. So, you know what I did, I envited some dear friends over to have a seed swap garden party.
 Now you are thinking how is this going to be a thrifty tip for me? Well first of all you save money buy having friends come over instead of going out to eat, I mean who doesn't like to entertain? Secondly,  you make the party pot luck, now, you only have to make one dish instead of four or five for the guests.
  Lastly, create a party with a topic or agenda. For example, my garden party is about swaping a few seeds with each other so as to save money by not having to buy the entire seed catalog. Have a party and envite other parents and discuss what common goods you all buy, maybe this will lead you to form a buying co-op to get the goods you all use at a 20-50% discount.With summer fast approaching maybe a party is in order to find out what people are doing with their kids. Remember, bugets are tight and if you can pool your buying power you may see more retail doors open to you and your collective buying power!

Here is some great links to help you get started:

The simple Dollar
Co-op Directory
Frontier coop


Miss Z said...

I'll be in attendance :) and I thinks I will bring, a quiche :D is Corey welcome?

Jenn said...

Fabulous idea! I am copying it.

I am also following you - fellow Etsy Mom.