Tuesday, February 22

Miss you

 Oh my old friend how I miss you so very much. My beloved laptop is still in the shop and things are looking bleak. With no lap top by my side all my bedtime activities have come to a halt. No reading my favorite blogs, searching for deals, book marking my new favorite websites and no blogging. The only computer left in the house is this one. It is old, slow and I do not know if you remember but this winter we were going to leave the heat on 64 degrees, so typing on this one makes me cold and Papa is always on it. This is why I have been ignoring my blogging duties.
 Bear with me my dear friends, for I have been busy. I am starting a new wooden line on my Etsy Shop, just in time for spring. The wood line is kid friendly, earth friendly and wallet friendly. Perfect gifts for new babes.

These little wooden treasures are keeping me very busy indeed. These days I am also catching up on my beloved Little House on the Prairie, I am now on Season 7 and do wish it would last forever, Season 9 is almost here an with it will be the end. I am not looking forward to it.
  We also started volunteering our time to help with the local Maple Season and that is very fun. Pictures coming soon (if I can figure out how to get them on this computer). I may also sign up for a beekeeping class. But need to poke around a bit more before deciding. Seeds are planted and doing fine, more to post on that soon.
 Off the point but I must share it....are three year old's full of spit and vinegar? My angel babe has suddenly turned into a back talking, hitting, feet stomping , screaming little monster. It is so very hard to talk to him. Nothing seems to work and I am at a lost...anyone else going through this or have and advice?

Ok, I am cold and need to curl up with my sleeping Papa and my very sweetly sleeping angel, who only appears at this hour. Let me go soak him up before morning comes and with it a new monster.

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