Friday, February 4

Good with the bad

  Dear friends I would like to share with you a quick post of things that have been brewing lately.
First, my etsy shop had a terrific week thanks to joining a few Etsy communities, Etsykids , Etsymom and SAHM of Etsy . These groups are supporting, inspiring and really motivating. Ideas abound in this hub of creative woman, it really makes you want to get going. If you are a lone wolf on Etsy, I totally think joining these teams will really improve your store and spirit.
  With my creative spirit charged up, I drove full steam ahead with some new projects that I will add to the store very soon. I am so excited. Also, I would like to take a moment to give a local shout out to my library and their wonderful staff. I dontated a few crayon rolls for the monthly raffle that the libray holds. Bless her heart, Miss B, the head librarian, went and asked a local store if they would carry some of my line. Now you can find apple n amos in town. Very excited , yes I am...but with fame and fortune comes trouble in the form of my laptop. The laptop that has all my pictures, resume, business logo and mail yada, yada, yada, and now I have to fix it and delay the unveiling of my new wooden line. Boo!
   Now that I have said all of that, what does it mean for you? Everything, the store, the blog, is all on slow motion, as the computer I am writing on now is really slow and you can't upload any pictures on it. Please, my loving audience...please be patient.

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