Monday, January 31

I am going to be a hummingbird

 The story of  The Little Hummingbird is simple, forest is on fire. All animals big and small run out of the burning forest. As the animals stand and stare, watching their forest home burn down, the tiny hummingbird flies over head into the flames and out again. Curious, they ask the hummingbird "what are you doing?" As she flies to the nearby river, she scoops up a drop of water and flies it over the the burning forest. On her way back for more water, she replies

  This year my resolution was to do just that. So, with that said, I share with you my first step.
 (I have blocked out all my personal info but you get the jist.)

 Dear First Selectman,

   My name is --------------- and I have lived here in --------- for seven years. I first would like to say that I love --------- and I am so happy raising my son in such a wonderful town and community.
   The reason for my letter is compost. I currently live in ------------ and found myself last year purchasing a garden spot at------------. I was in need of some compost and mulch and was delighted to drive down the street and get my fill of this free garden goodness only to find, that it was not goodness at all.
  While digging into the compost pile with my two year old son, Henry, we discovered pipes, nails, used baby diapers, dead birds, old tires, plastic bottles ranging from car oil bottles to water bottles and so much other un-compostable items. I did the best I could to filter through this compost, I still went ahead and added it to my garden. But, I was left with a lasting impression that something should be done to clean up the compost pile, as i will once again this year turn to use it.
  I know that ---------- is a farming community and I am sure that there are many towns folks who would probably compost properly if ....
1. They knew what can be composted
2. What should never been in that pile.
  I would also like to suggest that perhaps the compost area of the dump could be modified to included three or four separate spaces/bins areas for proper placing and turning of compost. I do not see this to cost the town of ---------- any additional funds as there is plenty of area for the space and the diggers are already on sight. All that needs to happen is a simple scoop up of the pile and drop off of that pile to another location/bin/area.

 Lastly, I am not sure if there is enough funds for a proper brochure or mailer. But if so, informing the community of proper ways to recycle and compost would be a great way to encourage townsman-ship and help the Earth. A mailer will also the community know that these very important service can all be done at our local dump.

 Thank you,

 I would love to meet with you to discuss a few other things and I would love to volunteer with any Earth related or sustainable practice you have under way.

These family friendly documentaries inspired me to write this email.Contacting your office was part of my New Year's resolution.

I also have plans to contact the high school to see what I can do to make our town more sustainable, self-sufficient and all around better for you, me and Henry!

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