Thursday, January 27

Thrifty to save you some cabbage!

  For today's tip I have decided to tackle beauty products. I think they are a waste of money. Using lotions, shampoos and conditioners that are made from ingredients that dry out your skin and hair is pointless and wasteful. TV ads and magazines make you think you need a smelly creme for everything, to help you look younger, to tighten your skin, lotion for your feet, nails, eyes and face but why? We all know eating right can help you stay healthy and if you really get to the truth of the matter, most lotions and shampoos are made up of the same stuff anyways, meaning that your wasting your money buying all the same stuff that is just in different packaging. You could very easily get away with buying one type of lotion for all of your body parts.
    I have mentioned before the soap/shampoo dries out your hair/skin and then to counter that dryness you reach for another bottle of conditioner/lotion to replenish moisture to your hair/skin. If you use natural castille soaps, soap nuts or goat's milk bar soap, these things do not dry you out as much. In fact you can make your own shampoo with things probably in the kitchen right now...our good ole friends baking soda and white vinegar. 
    For the simplest of shampoo replacements, combine one tablespoon of baking soda with two tablespoons of water -- remembering that this isn't going to look or feel like any shampoo you're accustomed to. Think of it more like a shamp-paste. There won't be mountains of foamy bubbles (you get those in commercial products because of the chemicals added to get all that lather). Work the paste through your hair and rinse thoroughly, for unexpectedly clean and remarkably shiny hair. Next do a clean rinse with 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water. Using this will leave you with locks that you have been dreaming of and guess what folks...cost you nada.You have now saved some money and one less plastic bottle in the trash!
   Next lets tackle that lotion I mentioned earlier. Making your own lotion has wonderful benefits to you. Let's say you have eczema, by making your own blend, you will not have to worry about flair ups. Want to treat yourself, try making your favorite scents into a lotion. Lotion making is easy on your gift giving wallet too.
Here is a very easy recipe.
½ cup distilled water
½ cup oil (I usually use olive, almond, macadamia nut, or grape seed)
 1 TBS liquid lecithin

You can also try this:

6 oz. sweet almond (or other vegetable oil such as olive)
1/3 oz. grated beeswax  
Add any ground herbs and combine with oil in double boiler.
Oh and lets not forget that age old stand by ALOE VERA. Okay, you decided not to listen to me because lets face it... you are a girlee girl and like all your good smelling stuff, I get it, I do. But you still want to save money eh?
So, what I say to you is this. Try buying only one type of lotion for all your sweet parts.
And if there is anything that I hope you take away from this lesson it is this...
Cut open that plastic lotion packaging and take a rubber spatula and scrap all remaining lotion out and put it in on glass jar and then recycle it!!!

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