Saturday, January 22

Food as a Tree

   People have been asking me for some time now, what it is that I buy for groceries and how can I get away with spending $60.00 a week for a family of three. First, I must tell you that my husband hunts pheasant and during the winter I try not to buy any meat. We also only eat meat once or twice a week. That alone can save you a few dollars on your bill each week.
   The way  I go about shopping and food prep is to look at it like a family tree. I start with core supplies and see how many branches I can make from that. Example, this week I made pheasant and bean chili on the stove. I used four pheasant breast, three cans of beans and half a onion. I served it with frozen organic green beans and I made two cups of quinoa in the rice cooker. Our left overs become part of two more meals that week. The first was oatmeal, wheatgerm,flax seed and breadcrumb cod fillets with the quinoa and green beans. The second was the rest of the pheasant chili and quinoa, I added it to wraps and made enchilada's. The rundown of the cost of those three meals are
Quinoa= $4.99 for a large bag. I used two cups.
Pheasant= free
Beans= three cans for $2.00
Cod = $3.99 for one pound. I got this when it was on sale and froze it.
Green beans= $2.50
Enchilada sauce .99 cents
Wraps= $2.99
Cheese = $5.99 for a one pound block.
Now, there is still wraps, cheese and quinoa to be used for the rest of the week or into next week.
   I also want to mention that I do not buy laundry detergent or any cleaning supplies for that matter as I make my own. I do not buy bread, pancake mix, muffins or cake mixes as I make that stuff too. I do not buy any of the frozen dinners or micro meals. We are not big milk drinkers in the house, thus I don't buy boxed cereal unless it is Cherrios and it's in the dented can aisle. We also do not own any pets, so we save money there too. I try to stick to the outside of the store and only go into the aisle for beans, baking soda and goldfish. Notice I said try.
For the most part here is my core list:
Tuna only if it is on sale 99. or less
Breakfast bars, only if they are on sale or in the dented can aisle for less
One block of cheese
2 half gallons of milk or silk
Egg whites, large container
Pasta, wheat and must be .99 cents or less
Brown Rice
Yogurt, only if on sale
Butter, sticks
Frozen fruit, organic, blueberries,raspberries, cherries, peaches,pineapple and mango only if on sale...pineapple and mango's taste delicious thawed from the bag.
Frozen spinach
Frozen green beans, corn,broccoli, asparagus
Organic apple sauce
Sliced Ham
Chicken Broth
Flax seed
Papa goes to the bulk store for 10lbs bag of flour,coffee and toilet paper. The way I figure it is, If I can make it at home than I do not need to buy it. Last week I tried my hand at making pasta and I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is. I may start making it on a regular basis just to save some money but pasta is pretty cheap already, this may be a toss up. I am going to try drinking my coffee and tea black and if I get used to it, that may cause me to stop buying at least one half gallon of milk a week.
   Last year was our first garden experience and I believe it was a success so this year we are going to do two 10x20 gardens. I plan on canning and freezing and I am sure that will help out next winter too.
  All in all, what you need to do it try to change one thing on your list. See if you can make it or do with out. For instance, my family uses only bar soap. It lasts longer and has many uses either in the shower, at the sink or in the laundry. By not buying liquid soap, I save more money and that is one less plastic bottle in a land fill. I am 100% sure with a little thought you can cut your grocery bill by at least $50.00. Go on I dare you!

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Sades said...

Hi, I linked to your blog from MDC. Good tips, I wanted to add that you could save more by buying a whole chicken and making broth, making your own granola bars, buying a gallon of milk instead of 2 half gallons (though I'm guessing you are buying organic and it doesn't come in the gallon?), and buying dried beans. Also making your own yogurt. Also scouting out the reduced meat section and stocking up to fill the freezer.