Saturday, January 22

From table to floor

    Since I started sewing, I can never look at any type of fabric item without first thinking to myself " what can sew out of this?" This is very frustrating at times because now I can't seem to get rid of anything because it may have the potential of becoming something I could use in the future. This is a dilemma indeed, for I have no space to store stuff. It also brings up another point, now instead of simply walking down the aisle of a thrift store and heading for the records, I now go down the linens aisle. I can easily spend hours in front of tables cloths, shower curtains, bed sheets and blankets. I come home with bags of this stuff, just for it to end up on the fabric shelf for who knows how long.
   Well, last year I purchased some of these such things in the hopes of making a new picnic blanket for the summer. Summer passed, Autumn passed and now we are in Winter and a new year. Enough hanging around already! Time to sew...and when Henry decided to play quietly in his room, I ran to my beloved machine as fast as I could and created this oh so lovely picnic blanket of mine. I sort of quilted it and it is my first time doing this. I am very pleased with how it came out even though there are a few sewing errors.

   I made it from 3 bed sheets, 2 table cloth, a few medium weight scraps I found at a tag sale and some vintage fabric I had laying around. The back is a shower curtain. I sewed it all together and turned it right side out so there was no need to bind anything. Easy breezy. I still have a bunch of this fabric left and I may need to sew a few more of the blankets for friends or to sell on my all I need is some warm weather to try out my new picnic blanket.

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