Wednesday, March 16

What's for dinner?

I am very much loving my wooden line. This may sound weird, but the wood speaks to me with its colors and textures and grains. When I am adding the beeswax to each piece, rubbing it through my fingers, the wood becomes so buttery and vibrant.... I can feel a connection to the life that the tree had before, I look to honor it in a brand new way with toys for children.
Yes, I have wooden toys from other companies but why do they have to cover up the beauty of the wood with loads of paint? Not to mention those wooden toys are coming from China via big boats polluting the ocean and who knows whats really going into that paint.
Lucky for you...I have decided to extend my wooden toy line into is a sneak peek of thing to come.
(If only I can get some time to sew some resealable bag)

I am also considering a toddler line of foods that would be much larger, as these are very small and life like...if you think larger toddler size is the way to go, please, comment on here or leave me a comment Apple n Amos Facebook Page  


Elizabeth said...

I LOVE these foods! I especially love the pasta with the peas and corn. Very nice work!

I think the toddler line would be great as well. Speaking as the mom of a 1 year old who wants to play with his big siblings' toys, it would be great if they were a bit chunkier so I didn't have to worry about him swallowing them.

But, like I said, the toys are beautiful! You are an amazing artist!


Amos said...

I totally agree and I think toddler food is on my very long to do list, but I wanted to make sure there was a market for it ya know.

Aubs said...

Your wood food is so cool! I love it! I think the toddler line would be awesome. My 2 year old loves to play with pretend food!