Friday, January 7

Thrify to save you some money!

Yet again, I forgot to do thrifty tip Thursday. I am all out of sorts since the holiday rush and I can't seem to get myself or Henry, for that matter, on track.
     With that said here we go, if you are someone who looks at store fliers you will see a pattern develop when it gets closer to holidays. Holiday themed food always go on sale for really good prices. Thanksgiving is turkey and potatoes, stuffing, gravy and the like read more about how much was saved here. Christmas is ham, roasts, potatoes, baking goods and the like. Valentine's day and Saint Patrick's Day is no different. Meat and greens will go on sale for ridiculous low prices that one can not afford not to bulk up on. Potatoes are a staple of almost every one's diet and that fact that they keep so well is just another reason to get them. Cabbage will go on sale too and if you blanch it, it will freeze well too. Next time you go to make soup, viola, look in the freezer and you have fresh cabbage. In case you didn't guess the tip for today is to buy bulk food when it is on sale at below normal low cost.

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