Monday, January 10


My favorite hobby in the whole entire world is photography. I could easily sit for hours snapping away at one thing or another. I would happily ignore all other duties to just walk around capturing all the beauty I see in my world.
    Once I had my angel baby, he naturally became the beautiful subject of my lens. Over the years, I have taken thousands of photographs of my sweet Henry and I am  so very thankful that he really didn't mind being in front of the lens with the flash flashing away.
   Well, ever since he starting walking and talking, photography has taken on a new meaning for me....hard work. Now, instead of Henry sitting still, he twirls and jumps, talks and runs. More and more of my pictures are blurry and unusable, a true pity. So, yesterday when he asked me to get my camera and take his picture I was just giddy with delight.
  This is what he had in mind...

Someday, when I am very old, I will consider these masterpieces. For now they are simply work of heart.
Never a dull moment!

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