Tuesday, January 11

Many Firsts

   Today I felt a little daring and wanted to try my hand at a few things. After finding out that I love to bake bread, I decided today would be my first attempt a making french bread. The recipe seemed easy enough, so I gave it a try. Two hours into rising time, I pulled up the towel, only to have my heart sink, the dough had not risen much at all. I quickly called Papa to stop and pick up loaf from the store to go with the soup I had simmering away. Still convinced that I am a master bread maker, I thought I would continue on to the baking part of the recipe. Oven on, bread egg washed, pan greased and covered with cornmeal, I set to making this crusty loaf come out grand. Forty minutes later, fingers crossed, I open the oven door to find these golden beauties staring back at me.

Oh and what beauties they were. The crust was a so crunchy, it crackled with each bite. The middle was as soft a cheese and came away from the crust with ease. Eating it was like eating two entirely different breads that decided to join forces and make one truly remarkable loaf. Needless to say, one loaf is gone and another loaf to enjoy tomorrow. This bread will be making into the weekly rotation for awhile.
I will be posting this recipe soon.

  As for another first today, making soup with frozen collards and kale from my summer garden. Last summer was our very first attempt at a garden and seeing as I planted loads of greens for winter soup, I would be relying on freezing them properly. I had no idea that you couldn't just wash them and put them into a freezer bag and be done with it. No, apparently you have to blanch them in boiling water for specific time or when you go to use your greens they will be just awful.
  When I decided on making my Tuscan soup for tonight's dinner, I had every intention on using these greens, but I have to tell you that there are some bags in the freezer that were never blanched. I was a bit worried when I grabbed a random bag, as this soup is one of my all time favorites, and added it to the pot. Fingers crossed again, for the second time today, I got my spoon and had a bowl. WHEW...soup was perfect. Thank goodness!

Lastly, I also have my hand cheese making today. I am letting that brew until tomorrow so I can not tell you if I am triumphant or a failure, so you will have to wait and see, and as if that was not enough already, before my Mr. Henry went to bed, I decided to give him is first haircut. I know at least on person who will read this post and jump for joy on that one. Your welcome Grammy...as for pictures, I could not bring myself to take them. I am so sad because it has just dawned on me that the hair I cut was the same hair he had on him when he was born. All of my angle babe is now gone and in its place is my little angel man.  Sad ain't it ? Just a little ya think?

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