Wednesday, January 12

Old Man Winter

   This is the first real snow storm I can remember being this big. So far 2011 has been controlled by old man winter, who has decided to pile it on thick with mountains of snow. Since January 8th, we have had two major storms, the first storm gave us about a foot and today's storm gave us another eighteen inches. Henry of course loves it, but me, not so much. I truly enjoy watching the snow come down while looking from my window and my only regret is that Papa has to go to work for snow removal. After 7 years together, I wonder why it has just dawned on me that I will be the only one home to take our Henry out to play in the snow and if that's wasn't enough to ponder, I have just realized that while I have lived in New England all my life I do not own proper snow attire??? why is that?
   This week I will be on the computer hunting for the best deals on a ski bib and snow gloves and some smart wool socks. Until then, I will rock what I currently own into the thigh deep snow for some winter wonderland fun with my boy.

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