Tuesday, November 23

Thrift Tuesday....because Thursday is Thanksgiving

Since having Henry, holidays have meant a bit more to me especially Thanksgiving. Having a family of my own and keeping  with the spirit of togetherness and traditions, I find myself wanting to have a Thanksgiving dinner of my own. But like most of you out there, that is not a option when you have in laws.
So last year and every year from now on I will be making a Thanksgiving dinner at my home on Friday. This is our tradition, our way to be together, just the 3 of us, being thankful and gathering around warm comfort food. I decided to start this tradition as a way of slowing down and spending time together as a family, we also put up or Christmas tree and begin decorating our home for the holidays.Not to mention we like Thanksgiving leftover a little to much.
Today's post is about food. Saving money of food. With the sales of item that are usually thought of as Thanksgiving foods, it is a shame to not bulk up when the price is so low. I mean a 10lb turkey for $7.00, which in turn with alone provide the base for, turkey salad sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey chili and turkey shepherds pie. You also get potatoes for about a $1.00 a bag, veggies for about the same...I mean here is what I spent on this years dinner:
Turkey- $7.00
Potato- 5lb bag, I bought 2 for $3.00 total
Stuffing- 2 bags, $2.00
Butternut squash was from our garden
Cranberry sauce-4 cans for $2.00
Frozen veggies- $2.00
2 pies- $4.00
Bread- I will make that myself
Gravy- 2 jars for $1.00
Organic carrots- $1.00  bag
Celery- $1.00 a bag
Clementines- box $4.99
TOTAL=$ 28.00...feeding my family at least 5 different meal over the coarse of the weeks and that will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now mind you, we do not eat turkey for every meal over this week. Some of these dishes will be going into the freezer or with Joe to work.
I will not be using 10lbs of potatoes either, the sale was to good not to pick up a second bag. But trust me, I will stretch this $28.00 as far as it will go.
I have given you enough food for thought, take my advise and go grocery shopping today or tomorrow! How can you not with prices this cheap!

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