Thursday, November 18

Cake Baking???

 Much to my surprise, I walked into my kitchen yesterday to a huge 10lb bag of flour sitting on the counter. My wonderful husband saw we were running low and picked it for me! With the new bag waiting to be opened and Henry's 3rd birthday just a few weeks away, I decided to try my hand a baking a vanilla cake from scratch. Now mind you I am no baker, nor do I really like baking. I know I talk about bread all time but there was alot of practice at first and with bread you can still play around and not quite follow a recipe. But baking sweets is a whole different ball of wax or should I say batter?

Well I looked on line for a good basic easy recipe. (By the way what the heck is lard, shorting and Crisco?) One that called for stuff I had on hand. Getting my supplies ready, I rolled up my selves and starting measuring, sifting, cracking and beating. Finally I tasted it, yes, I am a spoon licker, tasted pretty good and with that, into the oven to bake up. Onto the chocolate frosting. Mind you in the past I have always made boxed yellow cake and canned frosting. I like it, don't taste bad to me. Frosting from scratch was a messy endeavor  for me, confectioner sugar everywhere. Cocoa powder covered my counter and shirt. Pain in the arse, maybe because Henry and Papa were crowed in elbow to elbow to help Mama? Any one's guess.

Ding, cake is done. Looks good, smells good and came out of the pan fine. Let cool for 2 hours and frosting begins, sprinkles on, moving to the dinner table. I feel good. I think I will make this here cake from scratch for Henry's birthday. Candles on and we sing "happy birthday" to the earth. Henry blows out the candle. Cake cut, served and ready to bite.
And what was my beloved family to say about Mama's hard effort making this delicious, moist, chocolaty cake???

Salty???...Salty cake???...taste kinda sorta like a pancake???
What???...Yup...that's what happened...See, I only have coarse sea salt in the house and if that wasn't bad enough I added 1 tablespoon instead of 1 teaspoon.
Now I have a half eaten salty cake sitting on the table!

Lesson learned...use a box mix instead.

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