Thursday, November 18

Thrifty to save you some green!

Today's tip is more like me bragging about how much I recently saved on a purchase. When I recently decided to get a credit card, I chose a card from a store that my family shops at regularly, a card that earned me points for my purchases anytime I used it and a card that let me use the points towards purchases of any amount. This credit card is from Cabelas Sporting good store.
      In May I decided to get this card because when I signed up I received double points on my first purchase as well as $10.00 off my purchase. It was Joe's birthday and I did not have enough money for his birthday gift, a fillet table, the table ended up being on sale as well and the total cost went from $70.00 to $30.00 and thus began my love affair with my credit card.
   So now that Christmas has rolled around and its time to get Joe a gift, I naturally look towards Cabelas. I saw a pair of shoes that I knew he would love they cost $30.00. Since May, I have used this credit card for tons of stuff and now have accumulated $15.00 in points, bringing the cost of shoes to $15.00, then I got a coupon in the mail for $10.00 of any purchase amount (I love these kind of coupons by the way!). Now the total price for the shoes is $5.00 folks...yup that's how I roll!

With that said, my tip for today is search for a credit card that actually works for you and use coupons...sign up to get coupons in the mail and always look on the Internet for codes and wait for the sales.
Trust me you will feel great about saving a boat load of money and want to brag about it too!

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