Thursday, November 11

Thrifty to save some you some cash!

 In the recent years, I have had to become resourceful when it comes to saving money. Long before the economy turned south, our house went into penny pinching mode. Mostly because we wanted to spend our money on fun things instead of all the bills. Then Mr. Henry came along and we wanted to raise him with the belief that money is hard to come by and somethings are much more important than that dirty ole paper anyways.
One way I get to keep a little extra cash in the bank is by declaring "Empty the Cabinets" week. That is where I cook all the meals I can from the stock pile of extra groceries I have stored in the freezer and cupboards. Usually its pasta, sauces, frozen veggies and meat. The menu looks something like this.
Toast and peanut butter with jam
Macaroni and meat sauce
Shepherd Pie
Curry Chicken
Sausage and peppers with rice.
Chicken and stuffing
Frozen veggie stir fry
Hot dog and beans
Homemade macaroni and cheese
Now some of these meals can get a extra chili one night then enchiladas the nest night. Veggie stir fry into a burrito or a delish omelet. Chicken and soup can get thickened and throw into a casserole dish and made into chicken pot pie with a little help from the pancake mix.
When I do this I end up only picking up things like cheese, eggs and milk. So this week my grocery bill is about $20.00.
Try it some time and see how create you can get for dinner not to mention with the money you saved you can go get your self a large latte!

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