Wednesday, November 24


I want to say...
THANK YOU to the Earth for being a wonderful, beautiful, magical place to live.Where new adventures are always waiting to be experienced.
THANK YOU to the sunshine and rain for making the Earth healthy and for helping my garden grow to feed my family.
THANK YOU to my home for keeping my family warm, safe and happy.
THANK YOU to my husband Joe, for being a wonderful provider and papa, for without him, I could not be the mama I want to be to Henry. You are the love of my life, though I do not tell you nearly enough.
THANK YOU Henry, for being a awesome, funny and loving person in my life. You ask so many questions about this great old world we live in, that  it in turn, makes me a smarter, happier and better person. I vow to make your life worth wild, every second of it! It's totally because of you, that I am changing for the better.
THANK YOU to my in laws who are great, supportive and caring people.They took me in with opened arms and made me feel, for the very first time, that I was home and with family.
THANK YOU  to my dear, sweet friends, who have seen me at my very lowest, yet still hold me in their hearts.

There is so much to be thankful for in my life.

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