Monday, November 29

On our table

Our Thanksgiving tradition started on Thursday at my mother in laws home, filled with family, great food, laughs and conversation. There is nothing like being home though,surrounded by Papa and my babe.
Friday is the day that we do our own thing , I cook  a wonderful turkey dinner. We talk and laugh. We giving thanks to each other,  to Papa's hunting, to our garden and of course we need  start our holiday decorating.
Since having Henry, I am such a Christmas girl. Holiday music fills the house morning, noon and night. Snowmen crowd the mantel, our tree is loaded with glittered pine cones, painting brown paper bags and paper chains are made and this year I thought a special surprise was in order for my babe..since he will be THREE, ((3, three, 3 oh my! he's almost a man)) ... A Ginger bread train and people.
The people are done but the train is still in the station. We will be rolling that out this week.
In the coming weeks I have a craft fair, a birthday party playdate, a birthday party with family and of course Christmas. On our table will be loads of projects. More paper chains, decorating ornaments, making gift tags, cookies and cakes.
Oh yes my friends...let the holiday cheer fly and the dirt fall where it may, because I plan on ignoring it all for full in the moment fun!

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