Tuesday, December 28

Winter goodness

The house is cold, outside is cold and even though I am layered up in woolen socks and a sweater, I am cold. The only thing I can think of is warm winter goodness. Hot cocoa, blueberry muffins, pots of soup, fresh loaves of bread hot out of the oven and my favorite stew...sausage, beans and greens.

This is really a super simple, quick and hearty meal that can easily be changes to your families preferences. Eat as is, or, serve it over rice or pasta.

I usually get hot sausage patties or I take it out of the casing, but again, you can add any protein you like. Put that in a heavy pan with a descent amount of olive oil and garlic. Add any seasoning you like, perhaps hot pepper flakes, oregano, more garlic.
Cook it up till brown and then I add a can of beans with the juice (any bean you like). Cook that up until the sauce thickens and then add any bitter green you like. Most times I use broccoli rabe, kale or swiss chard. This time I used frozen spinich. It is done when the greens have cooked down. Serve with thick crust bread, over pasta, rice or quinoa.
If you have left overs, try adding  broth and some potatoes, as it makes a pretty good soup. The possibilities here are endless.

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