Tuesday, December 28

Book shout out

I think as of today, I am going to give special shout outs to books on a regular basis, that I am in love with. Some will be old books, others new books. Most of the time they will probably be kids books, as it seems those are what I tend to be reading a lot of, thanks to Mr. Henry.
    What you may not know about me is that I really love trees and I especially love books about trees and whenever I see the word "tree" in the title or a tree on the cover, I pick up that book just hoping it will be the book to win my heart. So when this book came into view I had to hurry it into my bag and bring it home.
How Does it Feel to Be a Tree by Flo Morse.

This is a vintage children's book and it is just lovely in every way. Simple poetry, wonderful illustrations of children and animals with there various activities around the tree and it is  really sweet story, well, about what it must be like to be a tree. "Are you sore standing there all day long waiting for a breeze?I would write more from the book but the books is in Henry's room and my little stinker is still wide awake while I write this at 9pm!!!

I found it at our local library and when I tried to find it on Amazon, no pictures came up. But trust me, if your library has it, read it to your kids. You will never look at a tree the same way again.

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