Tuesday, December 28

Animal Wall Update

In the rare chance that you were wondering how are animal a week was going, read about it here 
I am here to tell you we are still reading about a animal or two a week but are a wee bit behind on our art work. Thing of it is, that Henry was totally obsessed with one animal in particular and would not let me read about anything else, WILDEBEEST...yup, wildebeest, I mean really? This was probably the most boring animal I could think of. Lets see, he migrates a lot, is related to cows, lives in big family groups called, can you guess??? Herds! Has calves, eats grass and is hunted by crocodiles and hyenas. People hunt them to for food and clothing. There you go, the exciting world of WILDEBEEST.
Oh and let me tell you people, there are not many books about this fine animal in the library!  Two, to be exact and I read them over and over and over and over again.
So, could you blame me if I was not thrilled about making a art project. But finally, thank heavens the wildebeest is over!!! (yippee)

                                 On to other animals and much more exciting reads.

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