Sunday, December 26

How to have a thrify Holiday

If you read and saw the pictures from this post , then you may be wondering how we pulled if off. So here our some of my insider tips for a loaded Christmas.

I buy things all year long when ever I see them on sale. Keep your eyes open!!!
Most times I buy consigned stuff like toys and puzzles. I get books from our library book store. I buy clothes mostly after the season is over, that's usually when the prices are the best. Just remember to buy the next size up.  When asked what to get for Henry, sometimes I will mention a more expensive gift and ask that they go half on it with another family member.
Art supplies make a wonderful gift and I usually pick those up during the "back to school" sales when crayons go as low as .25 cents, markers for $1.00. Coloring books are always around, but try making your own, there are tons of website that have free pictures you can print off. Punch some holes and tie up the pages or put into a binder or scrapbook and voila, you just made a handmade gift. Lacing toys are very cool and you can make those too, simply paste a coloring page to card stock, punch holes, add some thick string or yarn and a bunting needle and you have a gift!!!
   This year Papa got a full magazine collection for Christmas that cost me not one Well, my library has a free bin for magazine drop offs. Every time I go the library I stop by this bin. I have gotten National Geographic, Rolling Stones,People, Organic name it, it ends up in the bin. So one Friday, I got to digging in the bin and stumbles on 2 years worth of Fine Home Building, granted they were a few years old but the information in the is still worth it. Papa had a subscription before but it's expensive and you only get 6 issues a year. Throw in a few Men's Health, Runner and Outdoor Life and instant gift. 100 % thought zero money spent.
  Usually Henry gets loaded with his birthday in early December and then comes Christmas, he can't play with it all so sometimes I hide the gift till next year and tag it from Santa. Tacky maybe but you got to do what you got to do. Another idea is to make a date with all your mama friends and have a toy swap and trade those toys you don't want.
Lastly, you can always bake something. I mean what kid doesn't like cookies, chocolate dipped pretzels??

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