Sunday, December 26

Twas Christmas Morn

Twas Christmas morn  and all through our house the only creature stirring was little king Henry. This in my opinion is the very first Christmas he kind of had an idea what was going on. We read lots of stories about winter and Christmas, Santa filling stockings and snowy days. It was quite a buildup.

On Christmas Eve, after Henry was sleeping, Papa elf and I, put all the presents under the tree. A first for us. It was very fun making sure every important detail was covered including the cookies, milk and letter to the big man.
   We wanted this Christmas to very special for Henry, because, as this my be his earliest memory, we wanted him to have at least one good holiday loaded with presents under the tree and a stuffed stocking.
Times are hard and I am sure they will be hard for sometime. Papa and I decided that we don't ever want to have a year where we have to have the talk with Henry that "this Christmas is not going to be like last year", so this was his "big"one. In our home, the holiday season is about family, tradition and home made. We figure if we never lavish Henry with tons of useless toys that he will never know any different.  Most of the books we read to him were about Santa filling the stockings, mama's making gifts, sharing toys and being together with family.
This years stock of gifts were bought long before I lost my job. Some gifts were given to him last year and wrapped again this year, many gifts were made. All in all, a very good Christmas, as it should be for your first memory. Next year will be much of the same with an emphasis on more homemade gifts, books, puzzles and of course a over stuffed stocking from Santa!

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wendella said...

PRICELESS!!! Merry Christmas !!!