Thursday, October 7

Thrifty to save you some moolah

STOP using paper stuff!!!!
No more paper towels, no more napkins, an no more tissues. It is so easy to just use cloth.
We have not used a paper product in this house for 3 years. I use cloth napkins for everything. Cleaning up spills, drying dishes. I use them camping and at the beach. I pack them in the picnic basket. I leave some in the car.When Henry has a runny nose I use a cloth napkin, no red irritate nose, the napkin can hold up alot better than a tissue and no piles of paper in the trash. Savings us lots of money come the runny nose season.
Cloth napkins can be purchased just about anywhere and if you want to be real thrifty, make them yourself. Go to a consignment shop, salvation army or just raid you linen closet. Old shower curtains, old bed sheets and old table cloths make great napkins. Cut them up and sew a seam and you are good to go. Plenty napkins for you and you probably have left overs for friends or you can make place mats. Oh you don't sew do you... find a friend or better yet go to the craft or fabric store and buy some heat n bond. Pour it on, fold over and create a seam with an iron. DONE!!!
If you sew, your scraps can be used too. I find that kid pajama flannel makes the best napkins and Henry gets a kick out of having his own special napkins with his favorite cars or bugs on them.
STOP using paper plates too. Get off your butt and use a real plate. When your done rinse it off and use it again for the next meal. No need to even wash every time, saving you on some dish soap.

You not only saved some money but a tree too. Now don't that make you feel special???

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