Sunday, October 3

Ice Cream Cones

    Henry and I have be coming up to Massachusetts to take care of my beloved grandmother Justina, (we call her Voa' around here its Portuguese) because she is ill and suffers from dementia.
         I am happy to do it because I love my Voa' like my mother, being able to be with her again brings my heart much joy. Watching her and Henry develop an truly loving relationship melts me to my soul and my only hope is that Henry will remember these times, these special moments with her. My great grandmother Voa' Amelia died when I was five and I make it a point not to forget the times I shared with her. She was an incredible lady. 
        As an wife and mother now, I feel as though I am coming full circle with my Voa' Amelia. Picking up sewing and going through old scrap bags of fabric from the basement that smell like her, are now cherished in my box at home waiting for the "someday" quilt I will make for myself. I picture this quilt in my head. Floral prints from Voa' Amelia, plaid and solids from Voa' Justina, paisley from my own pile and bits of flannel from jammies made for my boy.
        Living in Connecticut is wonderful but times like these make it hard. Henry's routine is all out of whack, were sleeping on an air mattress, I only see my beloved Joe 3 days a week for now and in a few weeks it will be cut down to only 2 days a week as hunting season is upon us. But its all totally worth it when I get laugh till my stomach hurts over ice cream cones with Henry and Voa' Justina...laughing the only way a person can laugh when there's a two year old around.

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papa said...

I miss my boy :(