Monday, October 25

Sweet Days

I love the fall and I am delighted that Henry is loving this season too. He is aware of the season changing and asking tons of questions, noticing all the leaves in different shapes and colors, spotting birds flying nosily away. Falling in love with pumpkins and sweaters. And lastly apple picking and apple eating too I must say.
Henry never liked apples but as we were picking them he decided to take a bite and try it and ya know what??? he loves them. Great news as now I can stock my fridge and travel bag with apples and we can make apple butter, apple pie and apple bread together. I am very excited about this change.

Pumpkin picking was a new thing this year as far as he could do the picking and the lifting and help with the carving. Oh traditions, how I love thee and enjoy making new ones with him. There is evidence of these wonderful autumn traditions all over the house. What are some of your traditions?

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