Sunday, October 24

Death of a garden

Can just tell you how much I loved my garden. I really did. It was my baby, my release, my chore, my salvation, my love, my hate, my best friend ...there was an adventure almost every time we went. New bugs to identify, excitement about new buds starting, measuring growth of veggies and weeding. So much time was spent in the cold months of what I call the 5th season. The brown, yuck season, ya know where snow has melted and everything is bare and brown and gray just waiting for the sun to stay a bit longer so the seeds can start to sprout.
      I spent hours reading books and web pages, planning laying outs, choosing seeds, checking for plant buddies and natural pest control and of course weeding. I spent days hauling in compost from the local dump in small 5 gallon buckets Weeks hauling in wood chips. Hours digging in the hard soil, making raised beds, gathering more mulch, knee deep in worms much to Henry's delight. Sweating my butt off! I loved every bit of it!

This is all that remains for food.

So it is with much sadness and heavy heart that I bear farewell to my ole friend. She has treated us with such kindness. I am a puddle of sadness!
How can I wait 6 months to plant again??? seems like forever.
But alas I can wait. I can read more books, I can search for good seeds, I can plan out 2 plots this year. Oh the thought of it will keep me warm and excited even through the brownest of days. Just you wait my dear friend. Great things are in store!!!

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Carina said...

Maybe you should bug Joe about building you a green house.