Friday, October 29

Thrify to save you come cabbage is Friday and why am I writing Thrifty tip Thursday now you wonder? Can you  guess what happens to a 2 year old that doesn't have his nap? Well at a 6pm dinners on the table and Henry is cranky and he won't eat, can't keep his eyes open so naturally I try to get him to eat as much as possible and stick him in his jammies and off to sleep he goes. 7 :00 rolls around and here come Henry running out of his room with toys in hand rearing to go. To make very long story short Henry was awake till past 11 and I had just no time to write. Now that we have that out of the way lets continue shall we?

I have recently discovered how much I  love to bake bread. Working may hands through the dough is very stress relieving. Patiently waiting for the dough to rise I cant help but take a peek and marvel how something so simple, just a few ingredients, have double in size to form this massive bowl of soft dough. Oh and the smell!!! The smell that fills the house when the bread is baking  is just pure heaven. Watching those big round beautiful loaves turn all golden. Simply put...heaven. I will admit it I am a bread lover through and though. When the oven timer goes off and the loaves are out of their pans, I just can't wait to cut into one loaf  and slather a piece with butter. I do believe I am having a religious experience when taking a bite of this warm crunchy crust, soft middle home bake bread.
As for the tip...treat yourself and your family to fresh baked bread. Its super easy and you can make 2 loaves with try at it. Not to mention it does save you money. Compared to store brought bread that sells for $3.99 a loaf. You can bake 2 loaves for about $1.00.

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