Thursday, September 30

Thrifty Thursday ...Every Thursday I am going to post easy ways to save you some jing!!

When I feel like shopping, which is most of the time, I go to the library. Sounds silly right? I love books and would rather spend money on books than clothes. Speaking of clothes, when I need to buy some clothes I go to our local consignment shop. To me there is nothing better than filling my library bags with books, lots and lots of books. Its like shopping ...only its free and we are learning from it too. I get my "spending money" feelings put back in place.
Thrifty tip: stop spending money!  Easier said than done right? Wrong.
You have to rethink everything when your broke, so apply those same skills to spending. Go to the consignment store when you need something "new". Think about is new to you. Go to Salvation Army or the local Goodwill. There are great deals out there. Most clothing stores give their end of season clothes to thrift shops anyways, so most times you can find never worn items on the rack for mere dollars!! Find a local Free-cycle. All you have to do is post what your looking for and people post back with their stuff. Now that's easy.
When you really need to get the shopping fix...go to the Library. It cost nothing, you will get your fill of eye candy and walk out with full and very heavy bags. It quenches my shopping thirst.
And at the very least if you need to spend money look for coupons or ask the cashier if he has a coupon to use. Shop sales items only. Most importantly ask yourself do you really need it. That guilty feeling that your feeling while waiting in line is there for a reason....

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