Friday, September 24

Why is the grass green?

Henry is in the "but why?" stage. He has been it this stage for some time now with clearly no end in sight. Papa and I do our very best to answer all thousand questions that are thrown at is on a daily basis but sometimes Henry does not want to accept our answers. When all answers fail his idea of correct he busts out with a "well why not"...only to continue this way for another thousand questions.
Gets a little annoying ya think? So yesterday I decided to stump my inquisitive little man and ask him "Henry, why is the grass green?" His reply of course was so nonchalant "Mama, the grass is green because that's how much you love me. All the leaves in the big trees are green too because you love me. You love me all the way up to the sunshine and the blue sky right, Mama?" "Yes, Henry I do"...."well why"??

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