Thursday, September 16

Thrifty Thursday ...Every Thursday I am going to post easy ways to save some cabbage.

We are produce junkies in this house and spend usually a 1/3 of bill on it. Living in Connecticut thought, berries are only local for so long and when they are not on sale, can get sorta pricey. Henry also happens to love the expensive berries...raspberries and blackberries. I am also trying to stick to organic when it comes to berries as you can't clean off the nasty junk. 
Thrifty tip: Buy frozen...yup I said it. Frozen fruit.
Hear me out now...frozen fruit is packed at the peek of freshness and instantly frozen. You will always get super sweet berries, the bags weight more and cost less per pound, so your saving money there and most of the frozen fruit is offered in organic too. 
So where as I usually would spend $4.99 for a pint of raspberries. I can get a bag for either the same amount or a dollar less and I get usually more than a pint. It keeps well and because the fruit is frozen, I can do a couple of things... make smoothies, add to pancakes and muffins or simply put into a container and pack a lunch. The frozen fruit acts as an ice pack. When its time to eat, the fruit has thawed and nothings better than fresh, sweet, cooled fruit on a hot and humid day.

I recommend Dole Pineapple chuncks...out of this world delish and their black cherry's are pitted. Cherries are very very wonderful for the wee ones too.

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