Thursday, September 16

Kindness still alive.

Our house is sick. Very sick  With a 2 year old running around on full steam even though he is sick too, I can't keep up. Dinner is needed to be made and I succumbed to having Papa go to the store and get a rotisserie chicken and all the fixins.

 Knock Knock, I open the door to neighbor John, a fellow Woodburyian who we met at a small pond in the beginning of summer, with his lovely wife Melissa and daughter Rachel.
He spoke about seeing my post on Facebook about being sick and brought over hot delicious Winter Squash chili, corn bread and cheese.

I was brought to tears when I open the door. I can't believe that this kinda of thing still happens from a neighbor that I will now call a good friend. Papa and I don't have many friends around town and our family is quite away a ways so the fact that this neighbor came over here in the rain speaks volumes to us.

The feeling of complete gratitude is over flowing in me and as neighbor John left, I handed him 2 jars of my homemade tomato sauce.

And the chili, well even though we  are sick, its probably the best home cooked meal I've had in months. I will remember this day for years to come and I will make a point to repay this favor.

There really are angels among us. All you have to do is open the door.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words Amos...we consider you guys our good friends as well. Hope you all are feeling better! John