Saturday, September 18


Its still dark outside and the house is quite. Looking around, I am glad to pass along these things that were once loved in this house. I find myself still wanting to add more to my tag sale pile. Not sure if its because we need the money or because at some point, most of these "precious" things will have to be gone someday. Then I think to myself, that getting rid of these things is just leaving the door open for more things to come in. I do hope not as the plan is to some how down size from a 900 sq. ft home to a 600 sq ft home. But with empty shelves and my need to not have empty space. I can totally see more books resting on those empty spaces.

I guess it's time to pack up the car and start setting up. The day should be nice and I am looking forward to the peace and quite and coolness that awaits me outside.

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