Saturday, September 18

I need to vent!

I am very peeved at people today. I just don't understand people sometimes. We all know how the economy of things are right now. People losing their jobs, no work to be found. Yet everyone wants to buy "American", handmade, green etc. 
Here I am at the tag sale, just trying to sell my wares and people are stopping by, admiring my goods "oh how cute, what a great idea" yadda yadda yadda... yet no one is buying. 
Mind you, all my things are $10.00 and under, I am also willing to haggle. When people ask how much and I respond $7.00 for crayon rolls, they give me a look like "why??? this should be a $1.00"... shock and awe.
So it's not surprising to me, that a woman came to my booth too look my handmade tutu's, asks "how much" I say "$10.00 but I'm willing to do a better deal if you get more". She openly say to me "will you take $3.00???" Three dollars, $3.00, three dollars...are you crazy lady. The fabric cost more than that, each ruffle of tulle is hand tied by me and it take me 45 minutes to make one tutu. You know what the lady replied with. "I can get them from Marshalls on clearance after Halloween for $3.00."

 Yeah lady you do that...because you need to get that cheap tutu and help that poor 12 year old Chinese girl make $1.00 for a week worth of her labor. You need to buy that cheap tutu and have it transported in a truck to a ship to sail across the sea to another truck and another and another, all the while emitting toxins into the air that destroys are planet. Don't support that mama right in front of you, who is out of work and trying to feed her family.

I can't blame her totally though, we are all guilty of trying to get the best, cheap deal. But lets face it people. The jobs that went over seas are not coming back. There are no new jobs sprouting up in its place. We will never be the America we once were, unless we are willing to support our people here and now.

For example, wind turbines have a over a thousand different parts that make up just 1 turbine,  if you have 1 plant create one specific part, you now have the potential to have factories in every state manufacturing theses specific I hear jobs??? all the while making us less oil dependent and the planet a little better too. Can anyone say win win??

All I am saying, is that its time to look at what the REAL cost is of an item that your getting for $3.00??? Trust me ...when you really look at it ...the deal ain't that good.

Phew, I just had to say my peace, I feel better now.


Anonymous said...

That seems to be sentiment out there that people are only willing to pay thirty cents on the dollar now! I have been running into that same scenario since we have been in this recession. I don't think they realize, like you, I am willing to negotiate a price (and I have already dropped my rates significantly), but thirty cents on the dollar? It does me no good, what to stay busy? My costs of products and materials are up and my expenses are ever increasing, not to mention my mortagage company and creditors are not willing to take thirty cents on the dollar from me as payment either. LOL I am all for shopping for deals, but at what cost to the Ameican family? John

NML said...

Hang in there, Aimee! You are going to do great. I will buying lots of stuff for my new nephew and will give your etsy site to everyone I work with - they all have kids and love small business.

Also, I have a good friend that owns small toy store in Portland and they might want to take some stuff on consignment. I will see!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

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