Tuesday, September 14

The Fair

Can anything be better that a good ole country fair....nope!!!

We had such a good time at our local fair. Henry was really interested in the tractor pulls, as any 2 year old boy would be. He moved right up in front, befriending a grammy sorta lady and asked if he could sit next to her. Watching and cheering for the biggest, rusty tractor he could find. Shouting "Woodbury" when it was one of our local boys. "Full Pull" was the anthem of the day.

Trying to get him to see farm animals was no problem all either. Lucky for me, we met a nice girl named Olivia, who has agreed to let us come visit her small farm and help take care of her 4 cows. She is only 18 and wants to learn how to do things the "hard" way her papa said.
Milking and churning butter... Ooooohhhhh...I can't wait for that experience.

Also met a man named Todd, who happens to own his own timber home framing business her in town. He is willing to work with us on designing, building and paying for what may be a possible future home for us. This is very good news indeed. Local people helping out other local people. I feel the movement is definitely going forward.

Delicious pulled pork sandwiches, cotton candy, jerky, veggie chips, roaring crowds, chickens bawling, cows mooing, kiddies laughing and my little man asking for more "pink cloud"...yup nothing better than a country fair.!!!!

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