Thursday, March 15

Pen Pals

Most days, around 1pm, Henry looks up from whatever he is doing, to announce that he "hears the post mail coming. Most days, he hurries to open the front door in the hopes to see a pile of mail waiting for him. In that pile on most days, he hopes there is a package or envelope for him.
It is in the spirit of receiving mail that had me reaching out to mama friends in the hope of starting a pen pal program.
With Henry not in preschool, I need fun ways to teach him. Letter writing to a friend not only gives him the reason to practice his writing, it also gives my boy a reason to color. Henry is not so big on coloring or when he does colors, he only wants to use one crayon.
With pen pal letters, he draws pictures using lots of colors, practices with scissors, pastes pictures, learns about capitals and lower case, form words and learns about punctuation. All these good things from one letter writing activity. Lastly, with the USPS having hard times, I like the idea of keeping our local post office busy. Henry gets a chance to make a real transaction, with money exchange. The look of pride when he puts his letter into the mailbox is worth it alone.
I think you and your friends should start a Pen Pal program too! I mean who doesn't like to get mail?

Some suggestions to get you started-
Pick a theme a month
Younger kids can get in on it too by simply painting or coloring a picture.
Older kids can write small stories or maybe take some photographs.
Why not write a quick note to other mama's too.
Make homemade greeting cards.
Fast kid meal suggestions or a have your child write a mama and me recipe.

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Miss Z said...

He is too cute! Great ideas! I hope you've linked this blog to your new website, or better yet, you may want to consider a blog page ON your website, it's better to direct people there ;)

Have Henry send Jada a letter, she will write back for sure! What fun!